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UKU is the smartest way to control your sauna. It's designed by HUUM to compliment our range of electric sauna heaters, but it also works with heaters from other manufacturers.


UKU includes a wall-mounted controller that connects to the heater and a range of sensors in order to provide you with full control over your sauna at the touch of a button. It's got some really clever features that make it easier and safer than ever to enjoy a sauna.

There are three different types of UKU. There's UKU Local, which provides all the features already described. But there's also UKU GSM, and UKU WiFi. These both come with an additional mobile app so you can also control your sauna from your phone or tablet literally anywhere - such as when you are out walking in nature like us here and want the sauna to be the perfect temperature when you get home.

  • You can pay by card in our online store or select 'manual payment' if you'd prefer an invoice. If you are a VAT-registered EU company then we will remove the 20% VAT on your invoice.

  • As with electric sauna heaters by HUUM, we deliver UKU sauna controllers by HUUM to the USA, Japan, UK and EU - except to Sweden, Norway and Poland where you can find an alternative retailer at Outside the EU, you will need to pay any import fees directly that may apply in your own country.

  • Your purchase includes all the stones you will need for your stove. When comparing us to other sauna stove retailers, just bear in mind that others often sell the stones separately. Email us if you would like to request the price for a stove without stones.

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