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Estonian Saunas OÜ

Estonia: Tondi 22-4, Tallinn.
Registry code: 12986006

VAT code: EE101870812

Find a recommended electrician in the UK with an expertise installing HUUM electric sauna heaters.

Sorry - this section of our website is under construction because we are still in the process of building partnerships with electricians across the UK before we can share our list here publicly.


However, many electricians will already have the expertise to install a HUUM sauna stove using the guidance provided in the box on delivery and we'd also be happy to provide further advice to any electrician you choose to work with.

Also, if you are an electrician that would like to partner with us then get in touch with us at We'll share with you all the technical guidance you need to install HUUM sauna heaters then, if you maintain high standards and good customer service, we'd be happy to recommend you to our customers.