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Ordering online

Ordering online

  • Where do you deliver?

  • How does shipping work?

  • Who am I ordering from?

  • Why are you so expensive?

  • Why are you so cheap?

  • What's my guarantee on purchases?

  • What are my ways to pay?

  • What will you do with my data?

  • Can I order wholesale as a retailer?

  • Can I partner as a sauna builder?

Where do you deliver?

We deliver wood-burning sauna stoves by HUUM worldwide - except in Sweden, Norway and Poland where alternative suppliers are available at 

We deliver electric sauna heaters by HUUM across the EU and UK - again, with the exception of Sweden, Norway & Poland. We get asked literally every day though: when will electric HUUM heaters be available in the US? HUUM is working on that right now as a priority to get all the correct certifications in place so they can be legally imported and comply with all US regulations, including for insurance purposes. Email us at and we can email you as soon as they are ready to be delivered.

For everything else, we deliver globally - including the minimalist outdoor shower by Tarantik and Egger and our range of leil clothing.

How does shipping work?

We use reliable couriers and pass on the costs directly without any mark up so we keep costs as low as we can. For HUUM heaters and stoves, we have to ship a whole pallet so we often rely on DPD or UPS as they usually have the best arrangements. We do keep reviewing this though and are happy to look into any alternative courier options you may have. If you are ordering more than one heater or stove then we can make special arrangements to bring down shipping costs further.

What is your returns policy?

If you are unhappy with your products for any reason then we want to make that right. If it's a mistake on our side, such as damage during delivery or you ordered based on incorrect information that we provided, then we will fix that - including by refunding the product or replacing it free of charge (including covering the courier costs). If you simply change your mind about wanting the product after it arrives then we ordinarily would not be able to process a refund due to the work involved in shipping it out. However, you are welcome to check with us because we may still be able to make exceptions depending on the circumstances.



What is your privacy policy?

We store data securely and don't share it with anyone outside our company, except the purpose of delivering items to you. If you order from us then the courier gets your email address in order to send you a tracking link and your phone number in case the driver has any issues finding you on arrival. We may also contact you for the purpose of ensuring your delivery takes place smoothly and that you are happy with the product, but will not send you any additional marketing. Separate to this, we also have a newsletter. If you sign up then your email address will be used only to send you very occasional newsletters with interesting and relevant information, usually twice per year.

Who am I ordering from?


Good question. and are operated by Estonian Saunas OÜ, which is a limited company based in Estonia. 'OÜ' is our equivalent of 'Ltd'. The owner-directors are Adam Rang and Anni Oviir. Our registry code is 12986006, our VAT code is EE101870812, and our registered address is Veskiposti 2-1002, Tallinn, 10138, Estonia. We also have a UK subsidiary to handle orders from England, Scotland, and Wales post-Brexit so that we can handle all the extra paperwork and customs fees on our side without creating extra hassle for customers. Our UK company is Estonian Saunas Ltd, registered at Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX. Its registry code is 13292808 and its VAT code is GB375652959.

Estonia has one of the world's most transparent and trusted business environments (which Adam was involved in developing in his previous role working for the Estonian government) so all the key details about our company verified and publicly available online. That includes our names and address - and even our financial data. We think that's a great system because it provides more trust for online consumers and therefore helps legitimate businesses like ours. Adam still speaks publicly about the need for ever greater transparency in business so you can read his recent articles for the Estonian public broadcaster here on the subject of oversight relating to international entrepreneurs and here on the subject of combating money laundering risks.

Our main partner (in which we are also shareholders), HUUM, is also registered in Estonia as HUUM OÜ. 

Why are you so expensive?

We partner with the most stylish and thoughtful designers who embody the best of contemporary, handcrafted, quality Nordic design. For us, it's important that sauna stove is a functional work of art because it is the focus of the sauna and must deliver the best possible heat and steam. Everything else must be built around that.


Why are you so cheap?

We have no physical shops and no office. We only have saunas and they pay for themselves through tourism. We also spend almost nothing on advertising because most people find us by content we enjoy making (on our phones) while visiting different saunas. We definitely don't use models in our marketing either. We built and maintain this website ourselves and we don't even have a logo - and that's something we are proud of! In fact, our entire branding budget was €18. We quickly bought two red towels on the way to our first media opportunity because we thought they would like nice against the black background of the smoke sauna. That's been the main way people recognise us ever since. We also work closely with our partners (including by investing in them) and always sell at the minimum price possible. We want to fill the world with as many good saunas as possible so we keep the prices as low as we can. If you see anywhere else selling the same or similar items for a lower price then let us know.


What's my guarantee on HUUM sauna heaters, stoves, and controllers?


There is a manufacturer's warranty of two years for every wood-burning stove, four years for every electric stove, and two years for the UKU sauna control systems. 

What are my ways to pay?​​

You can pay either by card or by invoice if you select 'manual payment'. Most of our customers pay by invoice because we mostly sell to other businesses. The VAT can also be removed that way if you are paying through a VAT-registered business. Card payments are more popular with private individuals for convenience and for the added payment protection from their card holder. However, whichever way you choose to pay, we will always rectify any issues (which fortunately are quite rare) as fast as possible.


What will you do with my data?

The information you submit when making a purchase is just used to create your invoice and complete the delivery. We'll then check back with you once in future to check you are happy with everything, although you can contact us any time of course. Apart from that, we won't use your data for anything else in future or give it to anyone else. To be honest, we much prefer social media to emails so if you want to stay in touch then follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or Twitter.

Can I order wholesale as a retailer?


Yes. Get in touch with us at


Can I partner as a sauna builder?

Yes. Get in touch with us at We often get asked if we can recommend sauna builders so we would be happy to do so through long term partnerships with sauna builders that match our style and ethos. We can offer not just discounted rates for HUUM heaters and stoves, but also technical support and extensive marketing. For an example, check out our partnership with Heartwood Saunas.



HUUM installation

  • How do I know I have the right heater or stove?

  • How do I install my HUUM electric sauna heater and UKU sauna controller?

  • What do I need separately?

  • What is the best way to stack stones inside a HUUM heater or stove?

  • How do I stack the stones in my HUUM sauna heater or stove?

How do I know I've got the right heater or stove?

We cover that in detail here: The buyer's guide to HUUM sauna stoves, heaters, and controllers.


How do I install my HUUM electric sauna heater and UKU sauna controller?

Get an electrician. That's the simple answer.​ Electrical equipment like this should also be installed by a professional electrician or someone with equivalent qualifications. The installation should be fairly simple for them, but we are happy to provide technical assistance while they are setting it up. 

Also, we've been working with HUUM to put together a series of installation videos that explain everything in detail. Those will be ready in June 2020 so if you order now then they should be ready here on this page by the time that your heater arrives!


What do I need separately?

Firstly, you don't need to worry about stones. All our stoves and heaters include all the stones you will need (plus some spare). Note when comparing us to other online retailers that it is standard for others to sell the stones separately. We are happy to make special arrangements for anyone who wants to buy them without the stones, but it is almost always not worth it in our experience and we supply the best stones to compliment the design of the HUUM stove or heater.

There are three things we sometimes get asked about that we don't supply though: chimneys for wood-burning stoves, heatproof cables for electric heaters, or construction material for either, such as heat-proof boards. The reason we don't provide those is the same for all three: the type you need is very much dependent on your own sauna setup, but these things are usually very easy to get locally. The heatproof cable, for example, is always provided by the electrician because they will be able to see what length is required. As ever though, we are always happy to provide advice about what you might need.

Regarding heat proofing, wall-mounted DROP heaters do include a heat reflector and the 9 kW includes a heat shield as that is the only one that needs one.

How do I stack the stones in my HUUM sauna heater or stove?

The way you stack your stones inside your heater is going to affect the quality of the heat and steam that is produced. So don't rush this bit. It's going to be a bit like a puzzle. And, like a puzzle, you should take your time and enjoy it!


You'll want the stones to fit into every part of the heater with smaller stones covering up the gaps between bigger stones and also covering up any heating elements. However, the stones also need to be loose on the inside so that heat circulates effectively inside among them. Start working your way from bottom to top. If you fill one side first then it can damage the heating elements so you need to do it layer by layer. Place the big stones where you can and use the smaller stones to fill the tighter spaces, such as the front of the heater. The flatter stones work better between the heating elements in the middle. Remember, it shouldn't be too tight because you want hot air to flow around them. One of your aims though is to ensure that the heating elements are not directly visible, especially from the top. You don't want water to land directly on the heating elements because it's not too good for them but also because the best steam comes straight from the stones. When you reach the top, you should layer stones more tightly together because that's where most of the steam will be rising from. Once you've finished, you'll probably have some stones leftover. That's fine. You'll need to add some of them in future anyway as the stones in the heater sink a little bit over time. You'll also find that they expand and contract with the heat so some of the stones may occasionally fall out. That's normal too.



Ask us anything

We're happy to provide advice at every stage - from when you are considering your purchase to when you are setting it up. In fact, we love hearing about how our customers are getting on in future with their products, especially when they send us pictures of their saunas.

There are four ways to contact us:

Email us at

We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

Open up the live chat on our website. We'll reply straight away if we're online, but if not then our replies will go straight to your email. If you don't receive a response then it probably went into your junk mail!

Phone or text us at +372 56998730. We always do our best to answer between 9am and 5pm Estonian time, any day of the week. You can also use Whatsapp. 

Or... simply fill in this form:

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