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HUUM electric sauna stoves


electric sauna control systems

- We invest in our suppliers to help them create high quality sauna design & tech, made in Estonia based on ancient sauna building principles.
All stoves include stones! Other retailers ask you to separately calculate the stones you'll need but we want to keep things as simple as possible.
- We deliver in
2 weeks (usually) from the workshop floor to your door, anywhere in the EU.
- To keep costs low, we have no office, no warehouse, no costly third party platforms like Amazon (so we do pay our fair share of tax but don't send our founder on space trips), & no expensive adverting budget (in fact, we don't even have a logo).
- We rely on word-of-mouth recommendations and showing off our customers' saunas so we
ensure a smooth delivery, support our customers with advice during installation, fix any issues (which fortunately are quite rare) and love getting updates about how our customers are enjoying their saunas.
- Email us at if you have any questions.


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