Estonian Saunas

We export Estonian design, technology & traditions.

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Estonian Saunas OÜ

Estonia: Tondi 22-4, Tallinn.
Registry code: 12986006

VAT code: EE101870812

Find a recommended sauna builder


If you'd like a complete sauna built for you then here are our recommended suppliers, which are able to build quality saunas with HUUM stoves.

Email us at for more advice or just CC us into your initial email with them.

Beach Box Spa

Brighton, UK

Highly recommended UK builders of saunas from horse boxes.


Pärnu, Estonia

Stunningly simple (& award winning) Nordic buildings.


Viljandimaa, Estonia

Iconic saunas made in Estonia and popular with UK celebs.


Altendorf, Switzerland

Swiss gondolas, German engineering, Estonian heaters.


Tallinn, Estonia

Mirrored on the outside, transparent from the inside.


Yorkshire, UK

The UK's largest sauna builder (& based just down the road from us!)