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This stove is suitable for a sauna hot room measuring 13 to 17 cubic metres.


Included: The HIVE 17 kW wood-burning sauna heater, all stones.

Required: Chimney, firewood.


The HIVE is the second sauna stove in the HUUM portfolio and is designed to stand upright in larger saunas. The unique design ensures that the focus is on the stones. The large number of exposed stones produce a longer-lasting heat and superior steam.


This is the wood-burning version for the most authentic sauna experience. The most sensitive component of the wood-fired heater, the flame tamer, is made of 5 mm thick stainless steel and is therefore exceptionally durable.


This purchase includes all the stones you will need for this stove. We include grey rounded volcanic stones known as olivine diabase, which were collected in Finland. Olivine diabase is a very dense stone so it is highly valued as a sauna stone for its durability and high heat capacity.


  • Stainless steel

  • 2 year guarantee


See product specifications here.

HIVE 17 kW wood-fired sauna stove by HUUM

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