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This stove is suitable for a sauna hot room measuring 9 to 15 cubic metres, and is compatible with phase 1 or 3 wiring.


Included: The CLIFF 9 kW electric sauna heater, all stones.

Required: Control unit, heat-resistant power cable.


Small footprint - big effect. CLIFF stove has large number of stones that provides long-lasting steam and an ideal sauna experience. Built in air duct in the centre of the heater speeds up the heating process by 25% and prolongs the service-life of the elements.


This purchase includes all the stones you will need for this stove. We include grey rounded volcanic stones known as olivine diabase, which were collected in Finland. Olivine diabase is a very dense stone so it is highly valued as a sauna stone for its durability and high heat capacity.


See the product specifications here

CLIFF 9 kW electric sauna stove by HUUM

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