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The story behind Estonian Saunas

We're a British-Estonian family business of sauna enthusiasts who are passionate about helping more people around the world understand and enjoy good saunas.

Anni Oviir grew up in Estonia immersed in sauna culture, while Adam Rang is a UK-born väliseestlane (diaspora Estonian) whose family had to flee Soviet persecution. We now live happily together in free Estonia where we have created our own saunas to introduce visitors to Estonian sauna design, technology, and traditions.

The sauna is an integral part of our culture and daily life, but we also believe that the sauna belongs to everyone so we are keen to share this culture and lifestyle with more people.

Our own saunas include Rangi saun, the only smoke sauna in Tallinn, Tondi saun where we installed the first WiFi-connected HUUM sauna stove, and our ZiL-131 SAUN, which is built inside a recycled Soviet Army truck! We still have Rangi saun and the ZiL-131 SAUN, but Tondi saun has since been sold to a lovely Estonian couple named Taavi and Meril (more on them later!)

These saunas have been featured in media coverage around the world. Here's our latest video about them:

We’ve been working closely with HUUM for several years now after being very impressed at the high quality of their sauna stoves and first buying them for ourselves. We even invested ourselves into HUUM to support their growth. Our exports of HUUM sauna stoves have been growing steadily and we’re proud to have delivered to a very wide range of customers ranging from a top English football club (but we are not allowed to say which one, sorry!) to pop-up beach saunas and many, many home saunas. When our saunas closed at the start of the pandemic, we decided to focus more of our energy into helping people around the world build their own saunas with HUUM stoves. We like to keep costs as low as possible in order to achieve that - and we're a bit unconventional in how transparent we are about it! Our company spends almost nothing on operational costs and marketing. We have no office, no agencies or outsourced partners, nor even a logo! We spent €18 on two red towels and that is our entire branding budget. Our showrooms are saunas that are already open to the public. We occasionally buy Google Ads, but the bulk of our marketing strategy is merely just sharing our passion for sauna culture through our Estonian Saunas blog, Youtube channel, and our pages on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Even our videos are just filmed and edited on our phones while we are enjoying saunas we would be visiting anyway! We made this website too so it can be a bit clunky at times but it gets the job done. We also make time to invite journalists to sauna with us and think of creative ways to get their attention. For example, we actually started this business while having a sauna and were also the first people to vote in national and European elections while having a sauna.

As a result of all this, you can be sure that you are paying us a fair price merely for the cost of making and delivering high quality sauna design and technology - and nothing else. We use TransferWise for the lowest cost business banking in the UK. They're also a British-Estonian company and have a sauna with a HUUM stove in their London office! When not enjoying saunas and helping others enjoy theirs, Anni is a leading green building expert, while Adam previously worked for the Estonian government to help develop its e-Residency programme to support better access to entrepreneurship and greater transparency in business.

On the subject of transparency, here’s everything you might want to know about our business to check that we are legit: Our business is an Estonian company, registered as Estonian Saunas OÜ (LTD). Our registry code is 12986006 and our VAT number is EE101870812. The owners and directors are Adam Rang (that’s me) and Anni Oviir. Our company’s legal address is Veskiposti 2-1002, Tallinn, 10138, Estonia. All this data about our company and much more, including our financial information, is publicly available on the Estonian Business Register. The state verifies that data too through the use of our secure digital identities, which Estonia is a world leader in using.

Brexit initially threw a bit of a spanner in the works for us when delivering to the UK, but we took time to fully understand the post-Brexit arrangements and how to continue delivering smoothly and that included setting up a UK subsidiary, Estonian Saunas Ltd, which now handles all paperwork and customs fees on behalf of customers in England, Scotland, and Wales so they don't get any extra surprises.

Our business has been growing as more people around the world build quality saunas with Estonian sauna design and technology. With that, we've hired two new people to help us. It's Taavi and Meril, the wonderful Estonian couple who bought Tondi saun from us with the first HUUM WiFi-connected sauna stove. Taavi is our export expert and Meril is our web wiz - and they loved their HUUM sauna so much that they are now part of our mission helping more people enjoy them.

If you want to know anything else about us or HUUM products then just drop us an email at By the way, we are also currently writing a book about sauna culture so watch this space!

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