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Due to the coronavirus crisis, we are sadly unable to host visitors at the moment. However, feel free to look through the saunas below online at least. It may give you inspiration for your own sauna - or inspire you to come visit when all this is over.

Our own saunas in Estonia

When not helping other people around the world build Estonian saunas, we run our own saunas here in Estonia. They're all very different and a little quirky, but represent Estonia's unique design, history, and culture.

Here's where you can find us:

Ou own saunas in Estonia

Tondi Saun

HUUM's first WiFi-connected sauna was installed here at Tondi Saun. This apartment in a traditional Tallinn townhouse actually used to be our first home, but we now rent it out to visitors through Airbnb and also use it showcase the HUUM stove.

ZiL-131 SAUN - Adam Rang outside 1.jpg

ZIL-131 Saun

This Soviet Army truck was left behind in Estonia after the collapse of the Soviet Union. It was then used by the Estonian military before being converted to a sauna. We are now upgrading it with a HUUM stove and planning to open it to visitors in Tallinn in early 2020.


Rangi Saun

The smoke sauna is the oldest and most special type of Estonian sauna. We wanted to revive the tradition in Tallinn so we had one built in a contemporary Estonian design by Iglucraft and it's now Tallinn's only smoke sauna. We open it up for special events and group bookings.

Our sauna events

Our sauna events in Estonia

We regularly host sauna events, both at our saunas and at saunas belonging to others, as well as contribute to sauna events held by others, especially local governments across Estonia. Below are ongoing events that we're involved in that you can attend.


European Sauna Marathon

This annual event in Otepää, the winter capital of Estonia, attracts hundreds of visitors from around the world - as well as global media coverage. We sponsor the event and will be bringing our ZIL-131 Saun to the XI event on 15 February 2020. Click the link for our report from last year.


Estonian Sauna Festival

The city of Rakvere organised the first Estonian Sauna Festival in 2019 and will be repeating it again this year. It's a great event so we'll definitely be there again too, although this time with our ZIL-131 Saun.


How to sauna the Estonian way

We regularly host this event at our own sauna and others. We introduce visitors to Estonian sauna culture by discussing the history, designs, and traditions around Estonian saunas - and of course letting them enjoy a good sauna.  Arrange an event by emailing us on the link below.

HUUM saunas aroun the world

HUUM saunas around the world


Here are some examples of great saunas around the world that have been created with HUUM stoves from Estonia - some of which are open to the public if you want to try before you buy. We'll add more examples from our customers over time.


Red Hot Sauna, US

Mairo Notton, a resident of New York, built his Red Hot Sauna inside an old fire rescue truck that he found for sale locally. He converted it into a sauna himself, including by using a wood-fired HUUM stove from Estonia, and it's now available for bookings.


Porky Beach, Aus

Saunas built with HUUM stoves can now be found in almost every corner of the world — such as on Australia’s remote King Island in the Great Southern Ocean. That's where Alexandra Quigley decided to build a luxury home on Porky Beach where visitors can unwind.


TransferWise, UK

TransferWise is a UK-Estonian company and one of the fastest growing fintech success stories. We use them ourselves to process customer payments. Part of the reason for their success is that they have saunas for employees, including this HUUM sauna in their London office.

Other recomended saunas in Estonia

Other recommended saunas in Estonia


We get far more requests to visit our saunas than we can host - and we also constantly get asked about other weird and wonderful saunas around Estonia. So here's an additional list of some of our favourite saunas. We often host events at many of them, especially Heldeke, so email us at if you'd like us to arrange an event for you at one of these. Like our own saunas, every one of these saunas reflects Estonian design, history, and culture in its own unique way.

Heldeke (sauna).jpg


Heldeke is a theatre, bar and sauna club in Tallinn run by our friend, Dan. This is where we host larger sauna events, such as an introduction to Estonian sauna culture for international visitors. You can arrange an event with us at



We found this very unique sauna converted from an old Audi and our video about it, which is linked below, quickly went viral and generated news reports around the world, including on the BBC and Reuters.


Põhjala Brewery

Põhjala makes great craft beer from their brewery here in Tallinn - where they also run tours and have an excellent taproom, as well as a great private sauna area next to the taproom that you can book


Seaplane Harbour

Seaplane Harbour is home to Estonia's greatest museum, which includes the marina behind it. That's where you'll find this little sauna at the edge of the dock, which we've used for public events.



Saunaküla (sauna village) near Tallinn is home to five large sauna houses, each in their own distinctive cultural style, which you can book out. We've used it for events, including this special Japanese-Estonian sauna night shown here.


Kalma Saun

Kalma Saun in Tallinn's Kalamaja district is one of Estonia's oldest and grandest public saunas.


Mooska farm

This is Estonia's most famous smoke sauna. It's located in Võrumaa and run by Eda and Urmas. Say tere (hello) from us if you go to visit and try out their sauna smoked meat!


Kiidi farm

This excellent sauna in Võrumaa is part of a larger farm, which can host large groups including with accommodation. 

Image from iOS (7).jpg

Lauri's sauna

Lauri built this charming floating sauna in the centre of Tartu. It was originally going to be his home while he completed his studies locally, but he now rents it out to visitors through Airbnb.



This is another floating sauna and also one of the wildest saunas in Estonia. It's located deep into a nature reserve where the only way to access it is by boat  in summer or skis in winter.



Students from the Estonian Academy of Arts built a sauna and bog hotel in Estonia’s Soomaa National Park - and left them there for anyone to turn up and use completely free.



This is an excellent smoke sauna near Otepää, the winter capital of Estonia. We used it several times, including to welcome British soldiers to their deployment in Estonia.


ÖÖD Residence

Here's two great examples of Estonian design in one place. This house, made by ÖÖD, is mirroed on the outside but see-through from the inside. There's also a lovely sauna next to the lake made by Iglucraft. You can book this place as overnight accommodation.

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