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An elegant wall-mounted  heater inspired by the purest element in nature, a drop of water.


Download HUUM DROP manual

- Heats 3 to 15 cubic metres

- 55kg of stones (included)

- Phase 1 & 3 wiring

- 4 year warranty

- €450 to €540


A curvaceous free-standing heater that forms the heart of larger saunas. 


Download HUUM HIVE manual

- Heats 6 to 35 cubic metres

- 150/250kg of stones (included)

- Phase 1 & 3 up to 9 kW then phase 3 only above 9 kW

- 4 year warranty

- €780 to €1300


A minimalist slim heater with remarkably small safety distances ideal for cosy compact saunas, especially in apartments.


Download HUUM CLIFF manual

- Heats 3.5 to 17 cubic metres

- 60/75kg of stones (included)

- Phase 1 & 3 wiring up to 9 kW then phase 3 only above 9 kW

- 4 year warranty 

- €620 to €840


A slim, but sturdy heater with remarkably small safety distances for cosy saunas, but with capacity for more stones.

Download HUUM STEEL manual

- Heats up to 10.5 cubic metres

- 60/150kg of stones

- Phase 1 & 3 wiring up to 9 kW then phase 3 only above 9 kW

- 4 year warranty 

- €500 to €750

  • You can pay by card in our online store or select 'manual payment' if you'd prefer an invoice. If you are a VAT-registered EU company then we will remove the 20% VAT on your invoice.

  • We deliver HUUM electric heaters to the USA, Japan, UK, and all EU countries - except Sweden, Norway and Poland where you can find an alternative retailer at Outside the EU, you will need to pay any import fees directly that may apply in your own country.

  • Don't forget! Your heater purchase from us includes all the stones you will need for it, while the controller must be purchased separately. When comparing prices to other retailers online, just bear in mind that they often don't include the stones.

  • Need more advice? Check out our HUUM buyer's guide, email us, or say hello on the live chat.








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