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We're currently working on a book about saunas, which we plan to release later this year in 2021. We're gonna take a deep dive into sauna history, culture, technology, and a lot of fascinating sauna facts. It's quite a personal story too, full of funny adventures and mishaps along the way, so we'll keep it quite lighthearted. A lot of it is set here in Estonia, but we travel to saunas in Finland and around the world too and seek to understand the many different people with many different perspectives who have embraced this tradition.


It will be a proper book you can hold in your hands, but also an e-book, and an audio book you can listen to in the sauna. People keep asking us if we can let them know when it's ready so we created this page so you can stick your email down to be notified when it's ready. We won't send you any other kind of marketing.

All the best,

Anni and Adam


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