Tere! (Hello!)

Estonian Saunas is run by Anni and Adam, explorers and exporters of Estonian saunas. We’ve regularly been featured in the international media promoting Estonia as a sauna destination, which you can check out here.


Here’s how we can help you:

"I want to create my own sauna in the UK"

Check out our UK store at EstonianSaunas.co.uk.


"I want to arrange a special event at a homely smoke sauna in Tallinn"

We have our own smoke sauna at our home in Tallinn, Rangi saun. It is mostly used for special events introducing people to life in Estonia.

"I want to read more about Estonian sauna culture"

We’re currently working on a book about Estonian saunas, but we also write a lot on our Estonian saunas blog here. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, which is where we post our new content and share images and videos of our favourite saunas.

"I want to search for good Estonian saunas to visit"

We’re working on a database for that! For now, join our Facebook group for Fans of Estonian Saunas and ask for advice there.


"I’m a journalist and want to cover Estonian saunas"

We are happy to answer questions and send you media material about Estonian saunas, and also see if we have time to host you if needed. Email tere@estoniansaunas.com.

Contact: tere@estoniansaunas.com

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